We have really enjoyed working on this project. You may remember a couple of posts from last summer and fall showing some of the installation process and materials. The transformation of this space is beautiful. It demonstrates what good design and detailed execution can do especially when working in a small space.


We’re having fun chronicling this project throughout its transformation.  One of the best parts of working on this site is the array of different materials and textures used in the landscape.  Here are some pictures of the different materials used and their interaction with each other.  Hopefully by the end of next week the decking, stairs, and fences will be up.  Can’t wait to see this space finished.

Design Project – Part 1

October 27, 2008

This is the most current project we are working on.  We are constructing a landscape design for a residence in South Minneapolis.  This space plays with elevations, modernism, interesting material palette and simple lines.   This initial post chronicals the site as three different spaces; the front yard, the back walkway and the back terrace system.

1.  The front yard



2.  The back walkway:
The following two images of the back walkway show the space before and during the design process (this piece, having a lot of hardscape, remains the most unfinished area).  This pathway will change from a curving, concrete path into a straight edged sunken gravel path lined with magnolia trees.



about halfway there…

3.  Back Terraces
These terraces were three levels of crumbling brick.  Though the brick was beautiful it was not structurally sound.  We took this opportunity to play with materials constructing steel facing that will, in time, turn a lovely orange.  There will be steps up to these terraces and a grassy space in the ground plane beneath it.

During the design process…

We will be finished with the bulk of the project by the end of the week.  Expect an updated blog on our progress in the next couple days.


August 15, 2008

In 2006 we comissioned a San Francisco based artist Su Chen Hung to create a sculpture for the front of our studio space. She came up with a spiral design made of steel and bamboo with spiraled ground-cover of Creeping Thyme that mimics the sculptural design. This piece is called “Walk around Time”, and acts as both a wind chime and a piece of art:

This design in Minneapolis at Phillips Garden Studio, inspired Su Chen to create another piece in Taiwan taking the idea of the bamboo spiral further. This piece was created in 2008 and is called “In Praise of Light and Sound” it can be found at the Shisanhang Museum of Archeology in Taipei, Taiwan.