Brasa II Update

June 11, 2009

We got Brasa II all planted up. It’s sure going to be fun to watch these gardens mature. Be sure to stop by to see the gardens and grab some food, of course.








Brasa II – St. Paul

June 5, 2009

It’s fun to do commercial projects once in a while but this one is especially cool. Alex Roberts is set to open a new Brasa on Grand Ave in St Paul. If you haven’t been to his Minneapolis location you are missing out. The food is amazing and Alex is a great guy.

We are in the process of getting the beds around the parking lot ready for plantings. This involves removing compacted gravel, old concrete post footings and loosening compacted soil. This is a critial part of the installation process and will determine the success of the planting. Real. Beautiful. Spaces or parking lots start with good soil prep. Stay tuned for finished photos in the next week and be sure to go get some great food at Brasa.








While setting off late summer to photograph our work we came across this garden we design/installed (and still maintain) a couple of years ago.  It’s really maturing beautifully.

This project just finished up about a week ago. It’s a beautiful home in St. Paul with a site design concentrating on creating outdoor spaces, organic-northwoods-aesthetic, and rainwater managment.  

This backyard has two different gathering spaces; one a bluestone seat-wall set amidst pine trees and a shade garden heavy with fern, Solomon’s seal, goats beard etc.  The second gathering space is a terraced patio system surrounded by rain garden that deals with the water coming from the roof as well as the ground-plain.  We’re looking forward to seeing this space next year when the plants have begun to fill in.