Real. Beautiful. Roofs.

February 9, 2009

For anyone interested in pursuing a green roof, now may be the time. Soon there may be an additional financial incentive to install a green roof on your new or existing structure. This is on top of all the other wonderful benefits of a green roof.


[January 30, 2009] Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington State introduced the Clean Energy Stimulus and Investment Assurance Act of 2009 (S.320) legislation on Monday January 26 that, if adopted, would provide financial incentives for commercial and residential green roof installation. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the American Society of Landscape Architects worked together to help draft the section of the bill that is focused on the green roof incentive.

For more info see: American Society of Landscape Architects or Green Roofs for Healthy Cities or contact us at Phillips Garden


Time Lapse Photography

January 27, 2009

One Year in 40 Seconds, by Eirik Solheim.  It’s lovely isn’t it!…

Phillips Garden Studio Space

December 18, 2008

Phillips Garden studio has a great history .  A gas station transformed into a design studio.  Not only is this space a great example of reuse but the space is downright beautiful.  Ed Burke, the owner of Phillips Garden, designed and built the studio from the ground up (with the help of others).  In 2005 a second floor addition was added.  Below is a photo journey of the studio space and all its transformations…

The original structure for what is now Phillips Garden

beginning the construction

a fish sculpture was built out front by artist (and professor) Jeff Millikan


In time the fish was removed and would be replaced by a new sculpture (you will see below), Jeff Millikan is still a good friend of Phillips Garden and comes has coffee with us from time to time.  We all miss the fish a little…

at one point Phillips was also a coffee shop, now this space is closed to the public but still open for staff use.  It’s awesome.

the downstairs studio…

after the fish we got a new sculpture by Su-Chen Hung, a San Francisco based artist

It is a large bamboo windchime with the beginnings of a blanket of thyme on the ground

In 2005 a second level weeHouse was added to Phillips Garden studio

… with a crane

it looks great on the inside too

we love it

our studio today – 2008

Walter De Maria

December 8, 2008

Walter De Maria is an American sculptor born in 1935.  His work is very linear and grid-like, playing with scale, spacing, minimalism, materials…  You can find a short biography of him here.  This post shows 4 of his works; The Lightning Field, Earth Room, A Computer Which Will Solve Every Problem in the World / 3 – 12 Polygon, and The Broken Kilometer.  

In the words of De Maria, “Art reminds us we’re alive”

Below is The Lightning Fields project.  This piece consists of 400 polished stainless steel poles installed in a grid measuring one mile by one kilometer. This can be found in a remote area of the high desert of western New Mexico.  One has to pay to visit/stay at the lightning fields as well as make a reservation.  This is a space that is meant to be experienced over a period of time and, if you’re lucky, to be experience during a storm.




This next project is called, Earth Room.  Who doesn’t love the idea of a room filled with dirt?  The images below are of the Earth Room in New York Earth, it was created in 1977 and  is the third Earth Room sculpture executed by the artist, the first being in Munich, Germany in 1968. The second was installed at the Hessisches Landesmuseum in Darmstadt, Germany in 1974. The first two works no longer exist. 



Below is the piece entitled, “A Computer Which Will Solve Every Problem in the World / 3 – 12 Polygon” followed by “The Broken Kilometer”.  These pieces play with space and spacing.  Creating a message through grids and distances.



Andy Goldsworthy

December 3, 2008

Andy Goldsworthy, what to say… In his own words, Goldsworthy’s work:

….is an attempt to reach beyond the surface appearance. I want to see growth in wood, time in stone, nature in a city, and I do not mean its parks but a deeper understanding that a city is nature too-the ground upon which it is built, the stone with which it is made.  – A. Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy has many titles; artist, environmental sculptor, photographer, environmentalist… Whatever he is, his work is compelling in both an aesthetic sense as well as the way it begins to reveal the everchanging movement and processes of nature.  

All of Goldsworthy’s sculpture is created from natural found objects and captured on film. As nature is always changing many of these pieces no longer exist.  Below is a small sampling of his work.  Stones, leaves, rocks, branches, ice… can be found among these images. 










There is a documentary of Goldsworthy made in 2001 called Rivers and Tides.  Check out this youtube clip of the film to get a taste of it.  Many of his pieces need to be seen on film as opposed to static pictures as they are in motion and ephemeral.

Multi-Media Art

December 1, 2008

Looking through the New York Times today we came across this multi-media artist, Jeanne Verdoux. These are great little quirky pieces! Verdoux is a French born artist residing in New York city. She shows her work around the world and teaches art as well. Her work will soon be at the Bronx Museum, NY.

A nice collection of her pieces that can be found here.


“Living Room (day time)” This piece is wire and line drawing. This specific images shows the living room in the daytime.


“Living Room” this image shows the living room at night with a woman projected onto the drawing, also integrating shadow into the piece.


“Ladder” Ink and wire.


New Yorkers line drawings

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a photographer from France.  These photographs come from his ‘Earth From Above’ series.  Bertrand is both an artist and an environmentalist.  His aim is to inspire people to think globally about sustainable living.  These images are powerful both in scale and in imagery, showing both the light side and the dark side of our surroundings here on Earth.   (This series will be shown in NYC at the World Financial Center Plaza and along the Battery Park City Esplanade from May 1, 2009 to June 28, 2009. In 2010 it will travel to CA.)

Mountainous countryside near Maelifellssandur, Myrdalsjökull Region, Iceland (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)

Icebreaker Louis Saint Laurent in Resolute Bay, Nunavut Territory, Canada. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“Tree of life”, Tsavo national park, Kenya. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Largest maze in the world, Reignac-sur-Indre, Indre-et-Loire Dept., France. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Bales of cotton, Thonakaha, Korhogo, Ivory Coast.  (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Iraqi tank graveyard in the desert near Al Jahrah, Kuwait. (© Yann Arthus-Bertrand)