Roberto Burle Marx

December 15, 2008

On this cold, snowy, winters day we thought it would be nice to visit a warmer, more tropical climate.  What better place than Brazil!?  The following works were created by Landscape Architect Roberto Burle Marx. Burle Marx was born in 1909 in São Paulo Brazil and died June 4, 1994, in Rio de Janeiro.  He was known as a modern nature artist and a public urban space designer. Burle Marx was fascinated with the natural world and was said to have spent a great deal of time within Brazil’s rain-forests studying the plant communities and structures to inform his design decisions.  It is said that  all of his time spent in the rain forest let to the discovery new rocks and plants; at least 30 plants bear his name.

plant from Roberto Burle Marx’s estate

Roberto Burle Marx’s estate

Roberto Burle Marx’s estate

museum of modern art, Brazil

Roberto Burle Marx’s design of the Copacabana boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


National Congress of Brazil, Brasilia

museum of modern art, Brazil


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  1. this is cool.. one of my fave presedent..

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