Multi-Media Art

December 1, 2008

Looking through the New York Times today we came across this multi-media artist, Jeanne Verdoux. These are great little quirky pieces! Verdoux is a French born artist residing in New York city. She shows her work around the world and teaches art as well. Her work will soon be at the Bronx Museum, NY.

A nice collection of her pieces that can be found here.


“Living Room (day time)” This piece is wire and line drawing. This specific images shows the living room in the daytime.


“Living Room” this image shows the living room at night with a woman projected onto the drawing, also integrating shadow into the piece.


“Ladder” Ink and wire.


New Yorkers line drawings


2 Responses to “Multi-Media Art”

  1. Dear Philip,
    Thanks for featuring my work.
    Fro info, there are few more days to see my New Yorker drawings in the Viewing Room at Frederieke Taylor Gallery. The show will close on June 27.

    Viewing Room (behind the front desk)
    535 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    t. 646.230.0992

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