What’s in our CD rotation this month

September 11, 2008

We tend to go in musical phases while designing; finding a couple of CDs that can be agreed upon, listening to them incessantly, than moving on. Here is what has been in our CD rotation this past month:

Bon Iver – this album is far and away the most listened to in our office as of late, infact it seems nearly impossible to get sick of. Great mellow music… apparently this album was written in a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter. Upon listening to it, it sounds plausible.

Death Cab For Cutie – we love this band… just about anything they do.

The New Amsterdams – A solo album from a once pop/punk band singer… mellow acoustic music with a bit of an edge. 

Boston – It is impossible to be in a crabby mood when ‘More than a Feeling’ comes on. This must be why we love Boston. That, and… Look at these guys! (above)

Free Design – It might be an exaggeration to say we love the band ‘Free Design’ but we absolutly love the song, ‘Kites are Fun’ by Free Design. Give it a listen!

Sondre Lerche is a singer-songwriter from Bergen, Norway… it’s kind of ‘indie-rock meets swing’ music. He did the soundtrack for ‘Dan in Real Life’ with an awesome remake of ‘Let my Love Open the Door’

And with that, we’re open to new music suggestions.


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