Design Project

August 12, 2008

This project near Cedar Lake in Minneapolis is one we’ve been working on for a while now.  A beautiful modern home… wow!  This will be the first of a couple posts chronicling the progress and completion of this project.


pre landscape construction

backyard pre landscape construction


putting in a row of Hawthorns…

concrete pavers

Side of house in progress. Horizontal fencing.


The front walk

finally some grass!


backyard (in progress)


backyard (in progress)


backyard (in progress)


4 Responses to “Design Project”

  1. juiced Says:

    The pool looks really nice.

  2. thanks! we love it too.

  3. sue Says:

    oh my… I have been searching like crazy for patio designs like this one… it’s beautiful…this is exactly what I want to do to a small section 10 x 12 with the concrete pavers and the “gravel” ? is that gravel… what base for the pavers did you use?

    • thanks, the concrete pavers are set on a class 5 base with just a bit of sand for leveling. on this project we used lawn between some of the pavers and recently planted creeping thyme between the others. You could also use 3/8″ gravel or something like granite sand. check out this project and check out our website for other ideas. are you in the twin cities area?

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